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Related post: Raven 33 AS REQUIRED If you are underage, or this is child supper models illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. child cutie model asian inport models little modeles naked If you have any desire to get in contact with me for comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, pretenn model free or for permission to use my story (for lord only knows what...) You may contact me at my email address: denmark model kids amateur housewives modelling I also love reviews, both the good and the bad. So please feel free to send your thoughts along, I will be more cindy model links than happy to answer any questions about the story supermodels unlimited or writing or anything else that you might deposition model have. So I hope to hear from you. Chapter 33: Venore We entered port where we were stopped and inspected by a patrol boat that came aboard and inspected our wares. I was sitting near the bow with Twfen when suddenly an elf dressed in an elaborate uniform and the captain came cute modele nudes to us. Twfen stood and saluted and I stood next to him a bit frightened."Is this the boy?" the guard asked"Yes sir" the captain saidThe guard turned to me"Is it true you used the Hand of Ada to destroy top european models a ship?" the guard asked"Who is this?" I asked Twfen"This is Albor Dun, the harbor master" Twfen said "he served as a captain during the war.""Twfen, I didn't recognize you without your uniform, why am I not too surprised to see you here." Albor said"Sorry Master Albor, I was on holiday visiting my pics models grandmother" Twfen said"I see, she still lives in Nune then?" Albor said"Aye" Twfen said"A mere boy, to defeat The Pirate Firebrush" Albor said "simply extraordinary" I ducked my head down blushing"What brings you to Aldena?" Albor asked"I lollita nude models am seeking the Mage Venore" I saidAlbor smiled and laughed"Excellent, well gentlemen I will see you ashore" he said leaving us with the captain and climbing off his ship.It christina model porn took awhile but after an hour we were granted nude virgin models access to the harbor. As we were pulling up to the dock I noticed a sizeable crowd thin teen models gathering and cheering on the docks."Twfen?" I asked"News travels fast" Twfen answered "They've heard about our brush with The Pirate Firebrush and our victory, they will be most interested in you."I blushed and Twfen just patted me on the model nude kds back"Quite an entrance" He said as the crew threw out our mooring lines and the ship was being secured."Sirs your horses will be unloaded wet preeteen models immediately" one of the ship hands announced to us turning and heading for wonderful teen models a different part of gir models the ship. Twfen just shrugged and we set off with our belongings lycra models and headed for the docks. Once we got onto the dock we spotted out horses and we pushed our way through the crowd to get to them. The rowdy celebrating crowd hadn't noticed us yet. One we got to the horses we noticed several mounted erotic female models guards around our young female model horses."General Ro" Twfen said bowing to one of the mounted elves "what are you doing here?" he askedA female elf turned and looked down at us japanese preeteen models from her horse"Lord Zasuan has ordered me to deliver the Defeater of Firebrush and his cleaver models companion to him" she teen modeling oppertunities answered sharply."Then we are at your service" Twfen saidRo Nodded and we mounted up and with her escort followed her down the docks and through the crowd.Once we cleared the dock the crowd thinned and I supposed word had not spread that quickly. I chanced a glance to Ro who was extremely beautiful with child modeling xxs a very pointed face and long flowing blonde hair. Her eyes were a nice shade of blue. Her armor was exquisite and polished to a very high glossy shine.We rode uphill in a wide arch around the city coming to a central plaza. The plaza had a massive fountain in the center and we circled around it following a path uphill heading directly for underwear model little the palace.The Castle was a massive complex built around the sanctuary tree that towered above it. Its size was immense ad we traveled to the first set of gates and models young loitas through to a portcullis which rose up at our arrival and then crashed down behind us."Welcome to Ada" Twfen said with a smile to me which I returned gazing in wonder at the sights around me.We stopped at the bottom of a set of stairs leading to a massive gate. At our arrival the gates swung open and many guards came using out in formation with the leader in the front."General Ro, Lord Zasuan is expecting you" he said hot model child bowingGeneral Ro elegantly dismounted and we all followed latina models latina suit nudest models and made our way up the stairs and through the gate. General Ro led us down many sets of hallways until we reached another set of doors and I realized it was the child model girl 12yo model busty throne room.At the end of the room was a large chair which was empty. The room had several guards in formation around the chair. We approached the throne when a side door suddenly young model natalie opened and an elegant looking female entered the room and every elf bowed instantly. I quickly followed.I chanced a glance up and watched her stand slightly behind and to the right of the chair. She had 13yo models ukranian long pure white hair and nearly yellow gold eyes. Looking at her was slightly unnerving.Next a young boy about my age bavarian teen models came in having the same hair as the woman but his eyes were greener like mine than gold, but neked kid model his was a much more pale color.Finally top models portfolios all the guards dropped to their knees and bowed when the last elf entered the room and there was no doubt in my mind that this was our Lord. I felt the magic waft into the room like a wave of sunlight. His power was immense and so was his presence. He was burly like Twfen, strong, his hair was honey-wheat and his eyes were the same as my own.As soon as Lord Zasuan had taken his seat all the guards in the room rose."As most of you are aware" Lord Zasuan spoke "news hot model orgy travels quickly in this kingdom and I've heard and confirmed that The Pirate Firebrush's ship the `Poignard' was destroyed."There was sweet models tgp a collective gasp pre pussy models kitten models nude from the guards."Rumor has it the `Verdonia' was making for port when she sexy amateur models encountered the `Poignard' and they exchanged fire. The `Poignard' came upon her starboard side reading her cannons and preparing to board when a magical shield was cast around her protecting her from cannon fire and then burst outwards nude modeling artist destroying the `Poignard' ripping her masts clear off the deck." Lord Zasuan said.The pubescent naked models guards grew alpa models restless as if they wanted to burst abpvladmodels up and start cheering kids virgins model but they remained standing albeit smiles."May the one who cast the magic that destroyed the `Poignard' come before me" Lord Zasuan commanded and russian bikini model I felt Twfen push me forward towards the king. I felt my feet move me forward as I came mere steps in front of him a bowed."It was you?" Lord Zasuan asked puzzled "a mere boy?""Aye" I said staying bowed"Rise and take my hand" he commanded holding out his hand. I stepped forward and reached out to touch him.Lord pretenns models sex Zasuan reached out and closed the distance and I felt his fingers wrap around me when I felt a chill enter my arm nude models cars and spread through my whole body. It felt preeteen top models like I was being encased in ice. It spread through me until it wrapped around me head giving me nude topmodels gallery a brain freeze giving me a headache and being slightly painful. Suddenly I modelo femenino escort felt heat pour out from my core driving the icy feeling away and I felt the heat take over and my sensations returned to normal."A hand of Ada" Lord Zasuan announced to the whole room "without doubt, your gift is as clear and bright as the sun, Friend tell me your name and where do you come from."I reached into my satchel and teen model gaby took both my letter and my scroll and presented them to inna model sex Lord Zasuan who took them and glanced them over."A servant to Velour Voa" he murmured "A freeman?" he asked to himself"You've nude beautiful models come to see the aid of Mage Venore high priest of Ada" Lord Zasuan said "Aye" I managed to say"Your magic like your heart tells me things" he said "you never knew your parents, you imgboard models grew up ls models top a servant, you seek direction and a purpose, your goals are honorable and your heart pure, the magic burns in you like a fire." Lord Zasuan pausedI was surprised he knew all these things"Twfen why so silent, how did you come to meet Aden here?" Lord model girl ls Zasuan called over me to Twfen who had not moved."My Lord, I was in Nune when I came across Aden who was mollie child model famished. I offered him lunch and to travel with me. He told me he was headed for Aldena so I accompanied him." Twfen said"Well since you top model seks are columbian models nude here could you take your place?" Lord Zasuan said with a smileTwfen moved forward and stood next to the boy next to melissa child model the throne."Twfen Solador bikini ramp models Al Ada is my nephew and captain of my Imperial guard and third in line to the throne" teen models nonnude Lord Zasuan said "Next to him is my teen boy model son and heir apparent Rivven Al Aldena"I stood speechless. Twfen brazilian preeteen models was nephew to the king"Aden of Voa" he said "I grant thee a title which you may bear with honor, for services rendered to the people of nude supermodel news Aldetta I grant thee the name `Fuico.' Henceforth you may be called Aden Fuico Al Voa"There was a polite applause"I'm sorry my Lord" I said embarrassed "what does `Fuico' mean?""It is our old dialect for Fire" the woman behind Lord Zasuan spoke"Aden, might I introduce to you my wife Lady Talenna" I bowed"Thank you for answering my question" I said"He's a real charmer" she said"I also grant you a seat in the house of Ada, so that you might learn more about your powers" dawn model Lord Zasuan said and at that moment an elf with long black hair like my own and eyes also like my own came into the chamber child model torrent and I instantly felt a bond of recognition between collaborative transition model us, I was related to him. Something inside me was telling me so."Mage Venore, may I present to pussymodel pictures you the boy who models newsgroups defeated the `Poignard'" Lord Zasuan saidThe magiwand model elf remained speechless as he looked me over and then to Lord Zasuan "Yes I saw it too, there can be lil models 100 no doubt" he said"Aden?" Venore asked me"Do you know me?" I asked and was shocked when the japanese younger model elf seemed to fly across the room and wrapped me in his arms."Thank bosnia nude models Ada, oh heavenly blessings" he said I felt a warm magic flow though me that was not my own but it felt good and comfortable. I could only describe it as being home."Lord Zasuan!" Venore shouted "He is! He is!""I'm what?" I asked"My grandson" he said I was speechless; this man little boy models Mage Venore was my grandfather, brooke miller model the head priest of Ada. I had just met him. All my life I grew up thinking kids model galery my parents were servants, yet here young male model he was. I didn't understand but my gift, my crazyholiday models magic told me he was related to me. He even looked like me but a bit older. "Aden your parents or rather my son served as priests here for sandra model 246 The Hands, he also served as an imperial guard here in this very chamber. They along with you were sailing from Aldena to Monsayur when you were caught in a storm and the ship with all hands was lost. I thought you were dead." Venore said"Indeed, this is truly a puzzle" Lord Zasuan said "Venore" he said holding the parchment I received from Velour and handed it to Venore who with a simple wave of his undergear nude model hand revealed more writing over the back side of the letter."It's for you" Venore said handing me the parchment Aden, forgive this old man but teen models denver if you are reading this then you must know the truth. Your parents were not servants vika vlad model to my house, but rather my servants found you on the shore off the edge of my property. The only object with you was a piece of models desnudas parchment in your blanket that said `Aden.' I took you in and gave you shelter and provided you with a home. Have top models xxx no doubt that I cared for you as if you were my own, but when your gift was discovered and you matured there could be no doubt that you connector solid model were of Venore's blood. If you didn't know Venore and I are distant cousins. Once you were ready torrents teen model I sent you to him so that you beautiful pretten model might be preeteens model reunited. Forgive me for wanting to keep you close for so long, but as foolish old men sometimes are, I loved you too much. I hope that pre lollitas model I might someday see you again.Your Humble Servant Lord Velour Veo al Voa I felt a tear on the corner of my eye teen model agent and soon the tears began to flow and I felt Venore, my grandfather wrap porn model wanted his arms around me and I felt a soothing warmth flow around me. I returned the hug and I calmed. I looked up embarrassed and even Lord Zasuan seemed moved by my reaction."Well I think we should let you two get more acquainted" Lord Zasuan said rising from his throne."Come famous porn models let me show teen models applied you to your new rooms" Venore said taking my handI was led out the side door and back into the castle.
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